A natural solution for onychomycosis, ZetaClear is a 2-steps homeopathic treatment conceived to help you rediscover the lost beauty of your nails.

Many people are frustrated or ashamed because of their yellowish brittle nails. They cover the nails with nail polish or hide their hands and feet, but the truth is that they should not ignore the appearance of nails. When nails and toenails are thickened, yellow, crumby, brittle and soft, these are signs of fungal nail infection and people should treat this condition before it would spread to other nails and to other people. ZetaClear is a natural homeopathic treatment developed to eliminate nail fungus in a natural and healthy way, helping the consumers to restore the beauty and health of their nails.

What causes nail infections?

The infection of nails and toenails, often known as onychomycosis, can be triggered by three different types of fungus: yeasts, dermatophytes and nondermatophytes. They get into our system through tiny cuts or when we get in contact with the fungus, by walking barefoot at the pool, in the gym, in public showers or when we keep toenails or nails in moist, dark environment for too long.

Yeasts are a type of fungus that grows on skin and nails. Certain illnesses, antibiotics and birth control pills will trigger an imbalance in the organism, and, as a consequence, the immune system will not be able to fight against an overgrowth of yeast. Nails will get infected and onychomychosis will cause changes in the texture and color of nails.

Dermatophytes are usually the primary cause of nail infections. This type of fungus causes Athlete’s foot too, which is an infection of the skin that can easily spread to toenails. By just getting in contact with an item where this fungus thrives – nail clippers, towels, showers, clothing, shoes or the flooring of locker rooms – it will get under the nails and a fungal infection will be likely to occur, demanding a proper treatment.

Nondermatophytes can cause the fungal infection of the toenails and fingernails, even though this type of fungus usually grows in soil.

What are the symptoms of onychomycosis?

Unfortunately, many people suffer from nail fungal infection and they do not even know it. Perhaps they notice a slight discoloration, but they get used to it and this condition begins to be perceived as normal. Yet when nails are affected by fungal infection, the symptoms can vary depending on what causes it. White superficial onychomycosis and distal subungual onychomycosis are the most common types of nail infection and both of them are triggered by dermatophytes.

White superficial onychomycosis will manifest with symptoms including brown or gray nail surface, powdery, soft nails and even crumbly nails. Only the surface of nails will be affected by this type of fungus, which will cause the appearance of white spots on nail surface. Furthermore, nails will not get separated from the nail bed. Distal subungual onychomycosis affects the nail and nail bed and includes symptoms such as thickened, brittle and broken nails with discolorations and yellow streaks in the nail bed. Buildups of nail can appear, skin fragments will be visible under the nail and nails can get separated from the nail bed.

What is ZetaClear?

Developed to eliminate even the most stubborn nail fungal infections, ZetaClear is a natural and efficient treatment that will get to the root of the problem, killing the fungus and improving the health of nails. ZetaClear consists in a combination of systemic and topical treatments that fight together to strengthen nails, improve immune system, kill the fungus and stop its spreading. The symptoms of nail infections will disappear and the consumers will recover their beautiful and healthy nails.

ZetaClear systemic treatment is represented by the homeopathic oral spray. Formulated with numerous powerful compounds, this spray has to be administered under tongue to deliver the substances directly into the blood circulation. The active ingredients will bypass the smooch and enzymes, so they will not be transformed and modified, and the effects will appear promptly. ZetaClear topical solution is made of natural compounds that are applied directly to the targeted area, penetrating the nails and eliminating the fungal infection. Quite quickly after starting the treatment with ZetaClear the discolorations will disappear, the nails will become stronger, the immune system will be improved and the consumers will regain back their beautiful and healthy nails.

What are ZetaClear ingredients?

ZetaClear systemic treatment contains in its highly potent formula ingredients like Clove Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass, Almond Oil, Undecylenic Acid and Vitamin E Oil. The oral homeopathic spray contains in its composition ingredients that have antifungal properties, which boost the immune system and enhance the appeal and health of nails. These homeopathic ingredients are Thuja Occidentalis 200C, Mancinella 30C, Antimonium Curdum 200C, Arsenicum Album 200C, Nitricum Acidum 30C and Suplhur 12XS.

All these compounds work synergistically to kill the fungus and stop its spreading to other nails or to other people. Fungal infections of the nail are contagious, but ZetaClear systemic treatment and topical treatment will fight together to get to the root of the problem, eliminate any signs of onychomycosis and promote the health of nails.

How to use

Most of patients affected by onychomycosis will not do anything until the symptoms are embarrassing and nails are brittle, yellow or brown and even painful. Because ZetaClear fights against nail fungus from inside out, it will have outstanding results in only a few weeks of treatment. Patients who wish to accomplish the best results should spray twice under the tongue three times per day. ZetaClear nail solution has to be applied with the special applicator directly on the clean and dry toenails and fingernails. These two products have to be used daily by adults and children over 12 years old. Children under 12 as well as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended to use this product without consulting their health care provider.

When will the results appear?

In only a few weeks of treatment with ZetaClear, the results will begin to appear. Nails will be less discolored and stronger, looking healthier and shinier. However, nail fungus is very stubborn and a few months of treatment are required until de infection will be completely gone. In addition to this, onychomycosis might reoccur, especially after walking barefoot in the same environment or when getting in contact with the same items that were touched or used when nails were infected. In order to prevent the recurrence of nail fungal infections, patients should use ZetaClear for another few weeks after the symptoms will be gone.

Side effects of treatment

Due to the fact that ZetaClear treatment is made of natural homeopathic ingredients that kill fungus and prevent its spreading, this treatment for onychomycosis will eliminate the symptoms in a natural, healthy and safe way. There were no negative or unwanted side effects reported. Numerous customers have already used ZetaClear to banish nail fungus infection and restored their beautiful and healthy nails without putting their health at risk and without experiencing adverse effects.

Can you prevent the occurrence of onychomycosis?

Nail fungal infection – onychomycosis – is quite stubborn and often reappears, but it can be kept under control successfully with ZetaClear treatment. Root of nail, nail bed and nail of both toes and fingers can be affected by nail fungal infection, but you can prevent the occurrence of this condition by maintaining proper hygiene and avoiding what can cause another infection.

Keep your nails short, clean and dry. Do not walk barefoot in public spaces and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for too long. Do not let your toes in moist, dark environment and choose footwear that lets your skin and nails breathe. Protect your fingernails from harsh detergents by wearing gloves when doing the house chores and do not use your nails as tools, because they might be damaged. Use treatments with essential oils every once in a while to strengthen nails and improve their overall health and apply ZetaClear to keep nail fungus away.

Why should you use ZetaClear?

When nails are affected by infection, they can become broken, discolored, thick, yellow, brown, gray or white, with soft and powdery nails surface and nails can even separate from nail bed. Sometimes pain will appear and skin fragments will be visible under the nail, causing embarrassment and frustration to the sufferer. ZetaClear will efficiently banish nail fungal infection in a quickly manner, while it will also prevent the recurrence of it and improve the overall health of nails without causing side effects. Use ZetaClear to eliminate onychomycosis and regain your beautiful and healthy nails in a natural way!