Goes deep into your skin and does the heavy lifting against HPV unwanted signs. Wartrol is your best homeopathic choice against warts.

Most people see warts as annoying, unpleasant and embarrassing. These little, unsightly bumps are contagious and often cause distress and embarrassment to those who are affected by this condition. The truth is that warts can appear on almost any part of the body, but because they are not always painful, the sufferers will not do anything to eliminate them. However, some patients with warts cut them, scratch them or tear them, causing even more harm. If you look for the best way to remove warts safely at home, Wartrol is your best solution.

What are warts?

Studies show that you will not get warts from kissing a frog, hoping that it will turn into Prince Charming. Contrary to this myth, frogs do not cause warts. You might get salmonella if you kiss a frog, though. Caused by Human Papillomavirus, also being referred to as HPV, warts are contagious and can spread to other parts of the body and even to other people. The virus will affect the top layer of skin, where a growth will form rapidly, forming the wart. Having various shapes, textures and colors, warts can be eliminated from the body in a safe way with natural topical treatments.

Common warts appear mostly on the hands, near the fingernails or on the fingers, but they can also grow on any other parts of the body. Looking like cauliflower, as rough bumps with little black spots that appear like seeds, common warts might also invade the skin on knuckles and knees.

Types of warts

Flat warts look like smooth, tiny and flattened growths that are flesh-colored and appear in a large number on neck, back, face, hands, wrists and knees.

Filiform warts are those annoying lumps that look like long threads or some kind of thin fingers that stick out. Also names digitate warts, this type of warts as smaller than others and grow mostly on the lips, eyelids, around the nose and on face.

Plantar warts are the most painful type of warts. They look like hard lumps and because they are located on the soles of the feet, on the pressure points, walking on them is barely tolerable. This type of warts looks like hard lumps and may have several black specks in the center, which is the blood supply to the growth.

Mosaic warts look like plantar warts, but these lumps appear in groups of tightly clustered warts. They appear on the soles of the feet and on hands, causing embarrassment and even pain to the sufferer.

Periungual warts look like cauliflower and appear la tiny lumps in groups nearby the nails.

Genital warts are also known as venereal warts. They are caused by a different type of HPV and can have various appearances, but most of them look like cauliflower bumps.

Most of warts disappear within a few months or years without needing a special treatment, but some warts are quite stubborn and will not go away even if the patient will use different products and treatments. Although picking, tearing, scratching or cutting the wart is not a great idea, patients who want to eliminate them safely in the comfort of their home should use Wartrol, the best wart treatment.

What is Wartrol?

Wartrol is a highly effective wart removal treatment that penetrates the skin, goes deep into the lump and dries it in a natural and safe manner. Containing in its potent formula only natural compounds that kill the wart and eliminate it safely, Wartrol ingredients will go to the root of the wart and remove it completely in only a few days of treatment.

The warts on your body are caused by one of the almost 130 strains of Human Papillomavirus. In case if you have plantar or common warts on the surface of your skin, these lumps can be safely removed with Wartrol. By just touching the wart you can spread it to other parts of the body and even to other persons. But by removing it as soon as it appears on the body, you will prevent its spreading and eliminate it more easily, because the roots will not have proper time to develop.

In case if you have some unsightly bumps on your face, hands, knees or soles of the feet, you should use Wartrol before warts would grow bigger and spread. Although not all these harmless tumors are painful, they can cause embarrassment, especially if they are placed in a visible area of skin. Being easy to use, completely safe and very efficient, Wartrol is the best wart treatment and you should use it to keep warts under control.

What are the ingredients?

Not all the warts are likely to fall off on their own, without any effort. But if they are not treated, warts can increase in size and look even more unsightly, invading other parts of the body and spreading to members of your family or other people that you get in contact with. Wartrol is the best wart treatment because it is formulated with natural ingredients able to break down the cells of wart and remove these bumps completely without leaving any scars.

Wartrol ingredients are Salicylic Acid, Polysorbate 80, Ascorbic Acid and Ethyl alcohol, compounds that work together to penetrate the wart and remove it from skin in a natural, safe and risk-free way. These compounds restrict the virus from spreading to other parts of the body, but the virus will not be eliminated. Warts can appear again after several months or years, yet the incidence of symptoms will be reduced due to Wartrol ingredients.

How to use

Wartrol should be applied with the applicator brush directly and solely on the wart. In case if the ingredients get in contact with the healthy skin, some burning sensations and irritations might appear. Patients who consider removing warts safely should use Wartrol treatment once or twice per day, on washed, cleaned and dried skin. Some warts will go away in only a few days of treatment, while others might need two or three weeks until they fall off, because their roots are well developed and surrounded by many layers of skin.

Side effects

If Wartrol is used as instructed, this efficient wart treatment will not cause any unwanted or negative side effects. This product is safe for the health of the consumers, using it is painless and non-invasive and there are no risks linked to using this product. Patients will not end up with a scar and they will not experience any adverse effects.

What are the alternatives?

Some people affected by warts choose to pay a visit to the doctor in order to get a proper diagnostic and find the best way to remove warts from their body. Depending on the size, type and place where the wart is located, it can be removed through various methods. Besides Wartrol, this effective wart treatment that can be used at home, people can opt for laser surgery, electrosurgery, cryotherapy, curettage or medicines such as Tretinoin creams, Cantharidin or Imiquimod. But these options come with side effects, scars and pain, so Wartrol seems to be a more appealing option.

Although cryotherapy is a standard treatment performed in a doctor’s office, not all patients are willing to remove warts through freezing. This procedure involves using liquid nitrogen and removing the wart with this cold substance is not quite painless. In addition to this, the process has to be repeated 4 times with some breaks of weeks between the applications.

Laser surgery is chosen only when other methods are not an option. Selected to eliminate large warts or which are widespread, this method is very painful, bleeding will appear and these side effects will be experienced for days or weeks once the procedure is completed. Redness, swelling, pain, tenderness and heat are other adverse effects hence this wart removal treatment is not quite appealing.

Electrosurgery is a procedure when the wart is burned with an electrical charge. This charge will be sent through the tip of the needle and the bump will be burned off. Local anesthesia is required and perhaps a curettage procedure, because warts might not go away only with electrosurgery.

Curettage is the surgical procedure when warts are removed. This wart removal procedure is painful, reason why surgeons often use local anesthesia. However, scars will appear in that place and warts are likely to occur in the exact same place.

More alternatives

Tretinoin creams can be used in the comfort of your home. This product requires a medical prescription. The wart treatment works by interrupting the growth of warts, but many patients experience adverse effects, changes in skin’s color and irritations. This cream has to be used as instructed and it should not be combined with other wart treatments, because severe issues might appear.

Cantharidin is a chemical extracted from green blister beetle. This substance will be applied by a doctor on the wart then covered with a bandage. When your health care provider will take away the bandage, it will come off together with the blistered skin. The wart will be killed and there will be no pain associated with this procedure. However, this method cannot be used to eliminate genital warts, nor in people suffering from circulatory problems or diabetes. Not all doctors recommend using this wart treatment because it can lead to numerous adverse effects.

Imiquimod is another cream prescribed by a health care provider. The active substance improves the health and functioning of the immune system so it will fight against the virus, remove warts and eliminate the cancerous cells. Although the treatment last about 4 months, it will eliminate even the most stubborn warts, found on various places all over the body, including in genital area. However, warts might appear again in the same area, so additional treatments might be required to prevent the reoccurrence of warts.


Many people are affected by warts and do not even know that these bumps are contagious. Often causing embarrassing and distress, warts are those little bumps that can appear on almost any part of the body. Due to the fact that warts are not always painful, numerous people affected by this condition ignore them until warts become too large, unsightly and embarrassing. Wartrol is the best wart treatment because it is made of natural ingredients that safely remove warts without causing side effects and without damaging the health of the consumers.

Offering satisfying results in only a few days of treatment, Wartrol will efficiently eliminate the warts and the consumers will regain their confidence and self-esteem. Why would you hide your hands, when you can just eliminate warts safely with this easy-to-use treatment? Use Wartrol in the comfort of your home, keep warts under control and prevent their spreading with this powerful wart treatment!