Skin care and rejuvenation for women

It is probably one of the most precious fortunes of women. The facial skin is cherished all over the world, in all cultures and by women of all ages. Some of them spend fortunes on skin care products, while others opt for natural ingredients to rejuvenate their face. Here are some secrets that you should consider if you value skin care and wish to remain young for longer.

Expert advice for skin care

The number one rule that you should remember is to clean your face on a regular basis. Install a bedtime routine and cherish your face with cleansers and moisturizing lotions that will rejuvenate the cells overnight. Even experts follow this advice, together with using sunscreen before going out of their home. It is the holy grail of skin care and you should never skip this step, even though it is windy outside. Sun rays accelerate the aging process of your face, cause dark under eye circles and wrinkles will appear sooner in the area around your eyes.

Sunscreen might stop working if you sweat. Even more, some of these creams can work for only several hours, hence you must apply a powder to prolong its action. You might even find a sunscreen powder, so pack it in your bag and use it as often as you feel the need to. Use sunglasses regularly to keep away from harmful sun rays and you will certainly look younger even though you are over 40s.

In matters of skin care, your nutrition plan is essential. You cannot look fresh and with a glowing skin all the time if you do not eat healthy and keep yourself well hydrated. Your epidermis needs plenty of water, just like any other tissues and cells. In addition to this, follow healthy eating habits and do not deprive your body from the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that nourish each part of your body.

Natural rejuvenation

Use natural masks and treatments to take a shot of vitamins and rejuvenate your epidermis in a healthy way. These homemade remedies are affordable and quite easy to prepare. All you need is a few natural products that can be usually found in your fridge or pantry: fresh berries, olive oil, milk, honey, lemon, egg yolks and even beer. Use lemon juice for its astringent effects and apply honey if your skin is too sensitive. Immediately after gently washing your face with lukewarm water you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Do not neglect your neck, neither. It can show the signs of ageing even when your face shines lively. No matter how many coats of makeup you might use, the wrinkles on your neck will show your real age.  But you can prevent the ageing of this area if you just moisturize it and apply sunscreen just as often as you apply them on your face. Once you will get used to this routine, you will ensure a lovely look of your skin. Follow these skin care recommendations and you will enjoy a smooth and fresh appearance for dozens of years!


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