Alleviates rashes and swellings, eliminates discomfort produces by hives - like itching, inflammations and burning -, ensures urticaria goes away fast.

Many different factors can irritate the skin, causing the appearance of red, itchy, swollen bumps or welts on skin. These annoying signs cause inconveniences, often demanding a day off or requiring a visit to the doctor’s office. As impossible as it may seem, hives can be kept under control with proper treatment. All it takes is just a few sprays under the tongue and the discomfort will be eliminated, because OxyHives is the best hives treatment currently available on market.

What are hives?

Hives, also known as skin rash or urticaria, seem to appear when we least expect them and when we have an important day ahead. Being the result of cells releasing histamine as a reply to a particular factor, hives are a symptom of allergy. The histamine released will influence the blood vessels to leak fluid in the deepest layers of skin, hence causing the appearance of inflamed, red and itchy bumps. The skin rash is often accompanied by itchiness, burning and stinging sensations, but hives and all the allergy symptoms can be quickly removed in a natural, efficient and safe way with OxyHives.

Numerous food items, environmental factors and medicines can trigger the occurrence of hives in the layers of skin almost all over the body. Eggs, berries, tomatoes, strawberries, fish, nuts, sun exposure, insect bites, milk, food additives, dust, animal dander, chocolate, food preservatives, aspirin, ibuprofen, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and numerous other factors can cause the release of histamine and the occurrence of red, swollen, itchy hives on skin.

Things you should know about urticaria:

  • There are more types of urticaria, depending on how much they last and what causes their appearance. The symptoms of acute urticaria will last up to six weeks. This type of urticaria is mostly caused by injections, medications, food preservatives, additives or items like fresh berries, milk, eggs, fish or nuts. Medicine drugs, anti-inflammatory pills and drugs for high blood pressure can trigger the occurrence of itchy skin rash, too, and the symptoms will disappear within days.
  • Chronic urticaria is characterized by symptoms that last more than six weeks. The cause of this type of urticaria is more difficult to be determined, and it can manifest with a lot more unpleasant symptoms. Besides the fact that chronic urticaria manifests with red, itchy spots on skin, symptoms like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, soreness and muscle pain might appear as well.
  • Other types of urticaria are physical urticaria and dermatographism. If the physical urticaria occurs after the direct physical stimulation of the skin, when cold, heat, sweating, sun exposure or pressure cause the appearance of hives, dermatographism will appear when the patient will firmly stroke or scratch the skin. Dermatographism is actually the most common type of urticaria and it is the reason why people are recommended not to scratch when they feel the urge to do it.

What is Oxy-Hives?

Being one of the best hives treatments currently available on market, OxyHives is a natural solution made of homeopathic ingredients able to eliminate hives and offer quick relief to the inflammation, itching, burning and redness that characterize all types of urticaria. Being based on the principle that like cures like, OxyHives is formulated as an oral spray and it will deliver fast results to the hives sufferers. The natural homeopathic ingredients included in the composition of OxyHives can cause allergic reactions to healthy people. But when these compounds are administered in small doses to people who suffer from skin rash, they will alleviate this condition and eliminate the discomfort, because this is how homeopathy works.

What are OxyHives ingredients?

This natural homeopathic solution contains in its potent composition ingredients such as Urtica Urens, Apis Mellifica, Ichthyolum, Arnica Montana, Hepar, Rhus Toxicodendron, Mercurius Solubilis and Lachesis. All these compounds are natural, derived from therapeutic herbs and they offer quick and safe relief to hives, alleviating the skin conditions and helping the hives sufferers feel better.

  • Urtica Urens is often recommended by naturalists as a natural alternative to antihistamines. This medicinal herb has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects and accelerates the healing process. Urtica Urens can be used against allergic diseases of all types, including skin rash and allergic rhinitis.
  • Apis Mellifica is rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients that nourish skin and enhance the overall health of patient. Generally known as honey bee, Apis Mellifica was clinically proven to alleviate the rashes, swelling, redness and eruptions associated with hives. By applying this compound alone on the insect sting or skin rash, the condition will be quickly improved and the symptoms of rash will be removed.
  • Ichthyolum has powerful benefic effects on mucous membranes and skin. This ingredient was added to OxyHives’ formula because it eliminates the inflammation and pain, reduces the tension and offers safe and quick relief to hay-fever and chronic hives. Burning and itching sensations will be diminished too, reason why it is extremely beneficial for people often affected by hives.

Powerful natural compounds

  • Arnica Montana is included in numerous topical treatments for skin conditions. This herb improves the blood circulation in the body and stimulates the healing of tissues, being an essential ingredient in products that heal bruises, inflamed joints, skin rash, insect bites or stiffness. Having anti-inflammatory effects, Arnica Montana soothes pain and offers relief to the burning sensations caused by hives.
  • Hepar combats redness, heat, inflammation and itching that can appear together with the allergic response. Yet this ingredient can be used to treat numerous skin complaints, ulcers, cough or infections. It will enhance the health of skin, aiding the patients to eliminate hives as soon as possible.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron treats all kinds of skin ailments that include itching, redness and swelling. This homeopathic ingredient will heal ivy poisoning, restless leg syndrome, vital infections and cramps, but it is mostly used to offer fast relief to skin rash and allergic skin reactions.
  • Mercurius Solubilis has numerous healing benefits. Fever, eye and ear infections, colds and throat conditions are successfully treated with this natural homeopathic remedy. This ingredient was included in the formula of OxyHives because it eliminates the itching and burning sensations caused by hives, minimizing this comfort and aiding patients to have a normal day at work.
  • Lachesis improves the blood circulation in the entire body and stimulates the healing process of tissues. This compound removes the toxins from blood and alleviates the symptoms of skin rash in a natural and healthy way.

All these homeopathic remedies work together to fight against what causes urticaria, but they can also eliminate the symptoms of hives naturally. Due to the compounds included in its formula, OxyHives will offer quick, efficient and safe relief to the redness, itching, inflammation and burning caused by hives.

How to use OxyHives?

This powerful hives treatment is highly efficient in removing the symptoms of allergic reactions. Patients who wish to quickly remove itching, swelling and redness of skin rash can use OxyHives at anytime and anywhere. Spray twice under the tongue for three times per day and within the shortest possible time the symptoms of hives will be eliminated.

Side effects caused by OxyHives

OxyHives is made of natural homeopathic ingredients that are completely safe for the health of the consumers. There were no negative side effects reported and this product proved its efficacy and safety in a clinical study. Treatment with OxyHives will not cause nausea, dizziness or vomiting, reactions that are usually associated with antihistamine drugs. This natural remedy will offer quick and safe relief to hives and the consumers will feel more confident once the red, swollen bumps will disappear.


Although this skin condition is not contagious, hives can become quite annoying and frustrating. Hives can appear almost all over the body, including face, hands, neck, arms and back. The symptoms that accompany hives – inflammation, itching, redness, burning and stinging sensations – can become intolerable and patients affected by skin rash would do anything to eliminate this condition. Use OxyHives as soon as skin rash occurs to minimize the discomfort and make sure that urticaria will quickly go away with the best hives treatment!