Massage of breast

Breasts are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of a woman’s body. These tissues transform throughout life, being influenced by numerous different factors. Food, hormones, exercises and health supplements can enhance breast size, but these tissues can also shrink after a certain age and in certain circumstances. It is already scientifically recognized that massage of breast offers numerous benefits to women, supporting them to naturally improve breast size and shape, but also to promote the overall health of breast.

How massage helps breast enhancement

Massage of breast alone can boost bust size because it increases blood circulation and stimulates prolactin secretion. Performed properly, massage of breast will promote the release of growth hormones only by the way of touch. As a consequence, the firmness and size of bosom will be enhanced and the health of these tissues will be stimulated too. The hormone estrogen flows through the blood stream hence the enhanced blood circulation will cause more estrogen to reach the chest receptors.

By massaging breasts the blood circulation will be improved and the firmness of bosom will be enhanced, reasons why it is one of the best natural breast enhancement methods. Breasts consist of glands and fat mounted by a delicate system of ligaments, but this system can become blocked and prevent the natural flow of nutrients and toxins. Massage of breast can eliminate this problem because it boosts the lymph circulation and enhances the flow and elimination of toxins.

You will need oil or a cream to massage breast properly without experiencing any discomfort. Use coconut oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil or a breast cream if you wish to achieve maximum results and enhance breast size by cups. The massage will only take 20 to 30 minutes a day, yet it will certainly provide long-term benefits. This natural breast enhancement method will help to shape and tone the breasts, which will encourage the development of these tissues.

There are several breast massage techniques that can be performed to enhance the size, shape and health of breast. Although the Chi breast massage is amongst the most popular techniques, Feng Shui breast massage, lymph draining massage and Ayuervedic breast massage can offer the same benefits to women who perform these techniques on a daily basis.

How to massage breasts

In Chi massage – also known as Japanese massage, the energy is channeled and focused on the breast. Rub the cream or oil on your chest and stimulate this area to send more blood in these tissues. Blood transports essential nutrients and hormones that will boost up bust size, especially if the massage is repeated daily. Use the power of your mind in combination with the physical power and focus on the breast enhancement desired. By gently holding your breasts in your hands, rotate them into the cleavage area. Although there are different versions of this type of massage and you can stand or lie on your back, make sure that you perform about 180-300 rotations to complete each session.

Another massage technique involves gently pushing the nipple downward with three fingers then moving the fingers slowly all over the chest area. Avoid putting too much pressure on it. By using both hands, twirl the breasts clockwise then counter-clockwise. As you move the hands, the breasts will have to move too. You can also massage breasts by placing the palms over the bosom, keeping the nipples uncovered and sliding down the palms. This massage technique will also boost the estrogen distribution to breasts, while the blood flow will be increased and lymph drainage will be enhanced.

Regardless of which breast massage technique you prefer, keep in mind that breasts are delicate and sensitive. Do not put too much effort, because it will not help you too enhance breast size sooner. Just repeat daily the massage of breasts and in only a few months you will achieve the natural breast enhancement desired!


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