Lose weight with supplements

Because a significant percentage of population is overweight and weight loss diets are often too restrictive or inefficient, there are numerous products and supplements developed to support people lose weight effortlessly and in a healthy way. Although most of the weight loss supplements available claim to be highly efficient, safe and secure for the health of the consumers, the truth can be very disappointing. Yet some dietary products can indeed assist you to lose weight in a natural, efficient and healthy way, without putting your health at risk.

How can diet pills help you?

Regardless of the ingredients included in their composition, efficient weight loss pills can work in several different ways: suppressing the appetite, burning the fat, blocking the nutrients, regulating insulin and changing the body composition. Each and every one of these offers advantages and disadvantages to the consumers, who are tempted to neglect the negative effects involved in following the weight loss treatment. Here is how weight loss supplements work and how can they assist you to shed some kilograms.

Pills that suppress the appetite – made of ingredients such as hibiscus, garcinia, caralluma, hoodia, caffeine, yerba mate or chromium – were used even by our ancestors to curb down the appetite and deceive the hunger. Despite the fact that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of these weight loss supplements, people still spend millions of dollars each year on them. The worst part is that these pills can cause them side effects and negative consequences such as intestinal obstructions, high blood pressure, liver damage, fatigue, extreme weakness and even higher heart rate.

The fat burners are also named as thermogenics and there is scientific evidence proving that it can help the consumers lose weight moderately. Most of these weight loss supplements – containing green tea, caffeine or guarana – are safe for the health of the consumers, yet they do not actually burn the extra fat. The fat burners work by raising the heartbeat, boosting the energy levels and stimulating the sympathetic nervous system so that the consumers will burn the calories faster. If more of these ingredients are mixed together, serious side effects can occur. Heart attack, anxiety and even stroke is likely to occur in patient who take too much of these weight loss supplements.

Burn the calories faster

The weight loss pills that block the nutrients are actually carbohydrate blockers. They contain in their formula white kidney bean extract and are less likely to cause negative side effects, but there is little evidence to support the efficacy of the treatment. These pills are claimed to aid the consumers prevent the assimilation of calories from carbs intake, hence supporting the weight loss process. But these pills can work only with calorie and carb monitored diets and the consumers will rather maintain their weight instead of actually shedding any kilos.

Weight loss pills with cinnamon and chromium are also referred to as insulin regulators because they lower the level of sugar in blood. Though they are safe in small doses and for short periods, if these pills are used for too long they can lower too much the blood sugar and even cause liver damage. Patients should seek the advice of their doctor prior to using insulin regulators and even though they can speed up the metabolic rate and support the weight loss process, they should be more careful about their overall health.

Supplements that change the body composition – L-carnitine, usnic acid or conjugated linoleic acid-CLA – can only be used for short periods of time because there is not enough scientific proof that they can actually work. The manufacturers of these weight loss supplements claim that the pills work by reducing the body fat and enhancing the lean body mass. However, they can harm the health of the consumers and cause liver damage, amongst other negative side effects.

However, without a proper plan and a healthy lifestyle, losing weight healthy will be almost impossible. Take proper care of your overall health and do not sacrifice your wellbeing in your way to lose weight. Weight loss pills and supplements can help you to shed some kilograms, but you should consult your doctor prior to using any of these products. Follow a healthier lifestyle while taking your weight loss treatment and you will soon get back in shape!


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