Calcium and magnesium orotates to improve your general health. Helps with blood pressure, hypertension, nerve system and weight management.

You probably already know that there is more calcium in the body than any other mineral. Being essential for strong bones and teeth, calcium is involved in numerous bodily processes and it is a key nutrient for the body to stay strong and healthy. The general wellbeing is contingent on the calcium intake, so we have to supplement it when we do not take enough of this mineral from our diet. IntraCal is a high quality dietary supplement developed to ensure the recommended daily dose of calcium and it is highly efficient in supporting the consumers to maintain their overall health.

Do we need to supplement the calcium intake?

In certain periods and growth stages our body requires a higher intake of calcium. This mineral is vital for children, teens and young adults under the age of 30 because they need it to build bone mass. Yet pregnant women, babies and older people require high amounts of calcium in order to avoid the calcium deficiency, which can affect the overall health of patient. Calcium is stored in bone tissues like in a reservoir and this mineral is taken from here when it is required in various bodily processes. Scientific studies demonstrated that this mineral has a major influence on bone health, blood pressure regulation, preventing hypertension, maintaining healthy weight management and preventing the formation of kidney stones, among numerous others.

Pregnant women need to supplement the calcium intake because low intake of this mineral during pregnancy can result in pregnancy and developmental complications in the fetus. Women who approach menopause and old men have to take more calcium because they are prone to bone fractures and cardiovascular problems. Teens at puberty should supplement the calcium intake to build strong bones and prevent the occurrence of bone deformities and diseases hence this mineral is required in all stages to ensure the overall health of patients.

What is IntraCal?

Because calcium helps building strong bones and teeth, ensures that blood clots normally and regulates heartbeat and muscle contractions, it is vital for our general wellbeing. IntraCal is a highly efficient health supplement formulated with calcium orotate and magnesium orotate, compounds that are highly absorbable and deliver the best results in improving the overall health of the consumers.

This health supplement provides the recommended daily dose of calcium and magnesium, which will quickly penetrate the cartilage, bones, cardiovascular system and brain. Apart from the fact that these ingredients fortify bones and teeth, they also fight against health problems, reduce the food cravings, protect the heart and alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. This health supplement supports optimal bone, joint and digestive health and aids patients restore their health when low calcium levels affected them.

What is calcium deficiency?

When the patient does not take enough calcium from foods or health supplements, calcium deficiency will appear. Also known as hypocalcemia, this disease will manifest with symptoms such as tooth decay, poor bone density, late signs of puberty, weak and brittle nails and even insomnia. Pregnant women with calcium deficiency disease can have high blood pressure, which can increase the risk for preeclampsia. A baby born by a mother with calcium deficiency will have a reduced bone mineral density and increased risk for elevated triglycerides, insulin resistance and enhanced body fat percentage when he will become an adult.

The natural process of aging can trigger calcium deficiency because the body loses its ability to absorb from food the nutrients required. It is already known that older people need to take health supplements to ensure the recommended daily dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. IntraCal will help them fight against calcium deficiency and prevent osteoporosis, this serious health problem when the sufferer will have the bones fragile, weak and prone to fractures.

What are the benefits of IntraCal?

Containing the perfect combination of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate, IntraCal promotes bone recalcification, maintains bone health, keeps good muscle tone and regulates the nervous system. Since each and every cell and system requires calcium, it is obviously that the lack of this nutrient will lead to health problems and diseases. Poor bone density, tooth decay and brittle nails are only a few signs of calcium deficiency, but IntraCal is highly efficient in restoring the general wellbeing in the consumers.

Although calcium is important for giving structural hardness to bones and teeth, this nutrient is also essential for nerve transmission and communication. Supporting muscle contraction, normalizing blood pressure and aiding blood coagulation, the calcium orotate included in the formula of IntraCal will be quickly absorbed into the body and prevent the deterioration of bone structure. If the calcium intake is too low, it will be taken from bones when it will be required for the bodily processes.

Calcium has the ability to lower the risk of developing osteoporosis and it reduces muscle cramps due to over-exercising or menstruation. But this nutrient has been included in the formula of IntraCal in combination with magnesium because there is an essential link between these two nutrients. If calcium signals muscles to contract, magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation. Some studies showed that magnesium improves calcium absorption hence the calcium from foods and supplements is not fully utilized without proper amounts of magnesium.

Knowing that a high calcium intake combined with reduced magnesium stores can trigger the risk for arterial calcification, the manufacturer of IntraCal added both of these minerals in the composition of this supplement. These nutrients work as a team, even though they have actions that oppose one to another. In case if the patients suffer from muscle cramps, fatigue, twitching, spasms, tight muscles, nausea, poor appetite, rapid heartbeat or tension, the calcium levels are low and they should take IntraCal to eliminate these health problems and improve the general wellbeing in a natural, safe and healthy way.

How to use IntraCal

The recommended daily dose of calcium is established according to the body weight and the development stage. Adults and teens over 12 years old that need to supplement the calcium intake should take 2 capsules 3 times per day. By taking the calcium capsules over the day, this mineral will be absorbed into the tissues without causing any side effects such as bloating, gas or constipation, effects that usually appear when taking high amounts of calcium.

If IntraCal is used as recommended, this health supplement will not cause any negative or unwanted side effects. However, the consumers should not exceed the recommended daily dose of calcium and magnesium in order to avoid any possible health issues and inconveniences. There is a delicate balance in the body and people should try their best to maintain it in order to stay strong and healthy. According to numerous positive consumer reviews, IntraCal is completely safe and secure and it will not trigger any adverse effects.

Why should you take IntraCal?

Calcium deficiency, osteopenia, osteoporosis and tooth decay are only some of the consequences of low calcium intake. If patients do not take proper amount of this nutrient from food, they should take IntraCal and ensure the recommended daily dose of calcium to stay strong and healthy. Calcium is needed for numerous bodily processes, not just for strengthening the bones and teeth. This mineral also reduces the risk of developing colon cancer, prevents cardiovascular disease and successfully treats osteoporosis.

Often linked to weight loss process and supporting the consumers fight against obesity, calcium promotes the health of digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Due to the fact that this mineral increases the metabolic rate and boosts the ability to burn fat, it is a great weapon against extra kilos. Studies demonstrated that calcium is extremely beneficial to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause. It supports blood vessels to move more blood around, but it also promotes the release of hormones and enzymes.
Foods like dairy products, broccoli, cabbage, kale, arugula, beans, dandelion greens, turnip greens, sardines, almonds, soy foods, okra, honey, eggs, salmon, spinach, sesame, figs and numerous others are natural sources rich in calcium, but people should supplement the calcium intake in certain periods. IntraCal is a high quality calcium supplement enriched with magnesium that supports people from all over the world to stay strong and healthy.

Whether you need calcium to prevent osteoporosis, fight against calcium deficiency, build strong bones, stimulate the weight loss process or to combat fatigue and muscle spasms, IntraCal is the best health supplement for you. Take this highly absorbable product to promote your overall wellbeing and be certain that you stay strong and healthy!