How to finance breast implants

Most expensive occasions in our lives can benefit of numerous prescribed financing options. Whether you consider buying a new house, getting a student loan, purchasing a new car or sending your child to college, you can get a credit for each one of these. But when it comes to cosmetic surgery, these procedures are not covered by your health insurance. Thus how do you finance your breast augmentation?

Cost of breast implants

Natural breast augmentation options are considerably more affordable than breast implants. If natural supplements can provide you bigger breasts for only a few hundred dollars, bust enhancement surgery can reach to a few thousands. In some doctor cabinets the bust augmentation price is $3,600 while in other cabinets you might have to pay more than $5,000. The price covers the surgical procedure, the price of the implants, anesthesia and all the materials and instruments required for this surgery.

It is hard to come up with this amount of money. But if getting bigger breasts is your utmost desire, you can finance this procedure with a bank loan, regular credit cards, health care or medical credit cards and even with a doctor payment plan. Yet these alternatives come with pros and cons and you should consider them thoroughly before undergoing breast enhancement.

Some patients are tempted to overspend on regular credit cards hence health care credit cards are one of their best options. But do not rush into getting a loan. Determine first the procedures that you really need and how much do you really afford to spend on the breast augmentation surgery. Although medical credit cards are the most recent trend in borrowing for beauty and they are limited solely to medical expenses, you must pay attention when you actually sign for it. Find details such as commissions, when you will pay for the procedure and other crucial information.

Finance your dream

If you want to finance your breast augmentation with a doctor payment plan, this method will be suited to your budged. However, the unpaid loans will go to a collection agency and it will certainly affect the relationship with your doctor. In case you will require a second or third intervention, it will be difficult to obtain the new breast surgery at the same physician.

You might want to consider getting a loan from your friends and family, though it will be challenging to explain them the reason why you need their help. Bust augmentation surgery might seem a superficial caprice, but it is essential for your self-esteem and your confidence. The terms of the loan are excellent and chances are you can extend the payment to your friends, yet if you fail to return them the amount of money at the established term, it will jeopardize your relationship.

Despite the fact that breast augmentation surgery is not covered by your health insurance, there are many other ways to finance it if you are determined to achieve bigger breasts. Consider thoroughly the procedure you have to undergo, its benefits, risks and costs, and be realistic about your financial capabilities – will you be able to pay for your breast enhancement?


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