Glowing skin for beautiful eye makeup

Eye makeup is not just applied on skin. You must follow a series of steps before actually making magic tricks on the area around your eyes. Colors, eyeliners and mascara will be applied only on clean skin that was purified, moisturized and made to glow. Follow these recommendations and you will achieve a perfect skin for a makeup that will last for hours.

Obtain a beautiful glowing skin

Your cosmetic products should not be applied on residues of your last eye makeup. Wash your face with a good face cleanser and do not rub too harsh, otherwise it will become red and irritated. If you want to use natural ingredients to remove blackheads, dirt, dead skin cells and oil, you could use honey, chamomile tea, oat powder and coconut oil. Apart from the fact they eliminate impurities, they also nourish your epidermis with nutrients and rejuvenate your face.

A fresh face will always look stunning. Use natural treatments and masks on a weekly basis and make sure you eliminate dark under eye circles, reduce wrinkles and keep speckles under control in a healthy way. No need to spend fortunes of renowned brands and products that contain preservatives, chemical fillers and parabens. Lemon juice, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, turmeric, aloe vera, yoghurt, cucumbers and avocadoes will make your skin glow healthily.

Once your epidermis is purified and nourished, use a good moisturizer for your skin type, wait for it to penetrate the cells of your face and then apply a primer to ensure that the cosmetic products will resist for hours. Use a tinted cream if your face does not have any discolorations, blemishes or freckles. But if it makes you feel more confident, apply your foundation and do not forget about the illuminator, either. The concealer must be used under your eyes, to hide the signs of tiredness and make eyes shine wonderfully. Use a small brush to stipple the foundation and blend it in because the eye makeup is next.

Apply your make up like a pro

About 50% of experts recommend using blush before eye makeup. Yet blush and bronzer give a finishing touch to your makeup, so you should apply them after the primer, shadow, mascara and eyeliner. Hold your hand steady when you apply the eyeliner or just skip it, if you want to obtain a more natural look.

Even when your skin is a little too oily or full of blemishes, you must use a moisturizer. You could opt for one purchased from a drug store or prepare your own, with natural ingredients such as pure coconut oil or olive oil. Just pour a tiny amount in your hands and gently massage the oil into your face. It will glow wonderfully within seconds and the nutrients will replenish the health of epidermis.

If you are not an adept to makeup artistry, ensure that your face is glowing beautifully with the help of natural ingredients. Take care of your face and you will certainly look younger with very little efforts!


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