Girl to woman: breast changes during puberty

Without any doubt, puberty is a crazy time for every girl. In this period, when she grows and transforms into a woman, everything changes, hormones are awaked and the entire body will enhance. Beginning at the age of 8-13 years old, puberty is a normal stage of development and each and every one goes through it. However, girls should understand that each body will develop in its own way and puberty might occur sooner or later than in other girls.

Early signs of puberty

Breasts are amongst the first to change during puberty. These tissues will start to develop at the age of 8-13, when the flat area around the nipple will enhance in size and breast tissue will start to develop under the nipple. Only after 6 to 9 years the breast development will be completed, when the areola will not be swollen anymore and each breast will appear to be distinct. During puberty nipples change too, ending up to be pink or dark brown, turning inward or out and with a few hairs around it. All of these are completely normal, just like having asymmetric breasts – so there is nothing to be concerned about.

When a girl enters puberty, her ovaries will start to produce hormones. These chemicals will encourage breast development and enlargement, but acne and pubic hair are likely to appear as well. Because hormones levels will fluctuate, the mood will change dramatically and the young women might believe that their bodies are out of control. But this is a stage that every girl has to go through in order to grow up into a woman.

Having bigger or smaller breasts is completely normal

It is normal to experience tenderness and pain in bosom during puberty, because the little breast “buds” will gradually get bigger and fuller. Small divisions of breasts or lobes will form, followed by the development of mammary glands. All of these will occur under the influence of hormones, but age, diet and genes will also have an impact on how breasts develop. These factors will also influence the way how breasts will appear at the end of the puberty and having bigger or smaller breasts than other young woman is completely normal.

The entire stage of puberty, these breast changes and menstruation will occur in each girl, sooner or later. If your breasts are smaller than you might want them to be, you can opt for natural breast enhancement methods. Yet because the bosom tissues are not fully developed by the age of 21, using the breast enlargement options is not recommended. After this age, you should consult your health care provider before taking a decision.

Having bigger breasts will help you to feel more confident and better in your own skin. Although you cannot influence the breast development during puberty, you can add one or two cups once you are a woman. Whether you opt for breast augmentation surgery or natural breast enhancement methods – natural supplements and cream, massage, exercises or diet – think about your health. Use natural and healthy breast enhancement methods and achieve bigger breasts without sacrificing your wellbeing!


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