Extreme weight loss

Every year, millions of people’s resolution is to lose weight and improve their overall well-being with a balanced, healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of them will end up trying extreme weight loss programs that are downright jeopardizing their health. Those weight loss diets that claim you will lose 4 to 7 kilograms in a week deprive your body from essential nutrients and you might get hospitalized because of them. Here are some important facts about extreme diets and why you should never fall prey to them.

Overweight problems and extreme diets

Although overweight people are prone to numerous serious health issues such as cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes, they should not hurt themselves even more by following drastic diets. Starvation, fasting and having very low calorie diets might support you to shed some pounds, but they will also slow your metabolic rate and diminish the muscular mass. Instead of dropping fats – which was initially your goal – you end up losing precious muscle and feeling tired and weak all the time.

Statistics show that more than 80% of those who try extreme dieting are people with low self-esteem, who suffer physiologically from body image issues and they want to lose weight considerably in record time. But if they sound too good to be true, it might be because they actually do not provide the effects promised. You cannot lose weight in a healthy way and very fast. A healthy diet program involves burning more calories than consuming, having regular workouts and eating foods packed with healthy nutrients.

Detox plans and cleanses are usually risky. People should not lose fluids without the surveillance of a doctor because they risk dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, among many other problems. They depart from the idea that toxins mush be flushed out from the body, but our systems are built to cleanse themselves alone, without any efforts. Those who wish to remove the toxins from their body should just drink more water and have a high fiber intake – fiber is eliminate together with fats and they aid digestion, too.

Opt for healthy weight loss plans

The first negative symptoms of low calorie diets include mood changes and extreme fatigue. Energy levels will be very low, your brain will hardly make connections and you will experience food cravings along with irritability. Levels of sugar in blood will decrease and metabolism will slow down, thus you will experience constipation, stomach ache and bloating. The development of gallstones is promoted and it can result in more serious digestive issues in the future.

If you aim to lose weight fast, ask the advice of a nutritionist or your health care provider before jumping on an extreme program. Do not put your health at risk with a diet that you might want to cheat at some point. Starving is not the best idea and you will experience all sorts of negative effects. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods and maintain an active lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and hit the gym to get your endorphins running through your veins. Follow a healthy weight loss program and your body will certainly be thankful!


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