Breastfeeding after breast augmentation

It is one of the biggest concerns of women who undergo breast augmentation. Will they be able to breastfeed? Is the structure of breast affected or can they still produce milk once the baby is born? Here is the information you need if you consider or you already achieved the breast enhancement desired.

Different breast augmentation options

Whether you had breast implants or you accomplished breast augmentation in a natural way, with health supplements and plant-derived creams, there is roughly a 90% chance that you will be able to nurse your baby, but only if you were capable to breastfeed before obtaining the bust enlargement. In other words, you will not be able to breastfeed if there was an existent problem before enhancing the size of your breast.

Yet any woman will be anxious once she will learn that she will have a baby. If she had breast implants, she believes that nursing might hurt her new born. But to reduce the risks of interfering with breastfeeding, they must avoid the periareolar incision. This procedure performed when getting breast implants may interfere with nipple sensation, thus the implants have to be placed under the breast muscle.

If the new mother achieved the breast enlargement with creams and other natural solutions, she will be perfectly capable to breastfeed. The breast tissue will become denser when milk will be produced. Even from the first 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy breasts will increase in size. The hormones produced in your body will influence your mood, the appearance of bust and even the sensations in your nipples, and from the third month of pregnancy your breasts might begin to product colostrum and leak milk.

Are you breastfeeding?

This natural act is both breathtaking and challenging. The new mother will not know how to correctly breastfeed – or if there is a wrong way to do it. Stop using breast enhancement methods if you remained pregnant and even though you were using only creams and pills with natural ingredients, you should avoid taking them. The hormone production will increase and your breasts will naturally develop, hence you will gain one or two more cups in breast size due to pregnancy.

Many women still breastfeed even though they have breast implants. Although long-term studies were not developed until now, the current news is that there were not any risks associated with nursing with implants. Breast milk is the healthiest food for your new born and it is a natural act that you should undergo whenever your baby needs it, even though you are in a public space.

You might have to breastfeed at every two hours and often during night time, too. As long as your child asks for it, you may breastfeed for one or even two years. Together with milk, you will provide your baby the nutrition, comfort and illness protection that he or she needs so much. In addition to this, breastfeeding bonds a powerful connection between mother and baby.

Even though you went through breast augmentation, you should not prevent your newborn from getting the milk that they need so much. Your breasts will not change due to breastfeeding – other factors are actually to blame. Nurture your baby and ensure the normal nutrition and health for your child!


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