Breast augmentation surgery

All breast enhancement options have their advantages and disadvantages. Although they are all meant to stimulate breast development, these options can come with side effects and affect the health of the consumers. Depending on their efficiency, safety and how they work, women can select from natural breast enhancement options and surgical augmentation of breast. Here is everything you need to know about breast augmentation surgery.

You can get breast implants to make your bosom bigger and fuller

Breast augmentation surgery is also known as breast enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty or breast implants. This procedure will enlarge breast size using saline implants, silicone gel implants or fat transfer. Although it is a popular method to enhance the size of bosom and due to the fact that many women opt for this augmentation procedure, it comes with risks and adverse effects. Selected by women who wish to achieve fast results, breast augmentation surgery will help them get bigger, larger and more appealing breasts in only a few hours.

When performing this kind of surgical intervention, the surgeon will make an incision, lift the breast tissue and create a pocket in the bosom area, where he will place the implant. These implants can be placed underneath the chest tissue and on top of the pectoral muscle or underneath the pectoral muscle. Depending on the body shape, medical history and aesthetic goals, women can opt for silicone gel implants, saline-filled breast implants, cohesive gel silicone implants or autologous fat transfer.

The advantages of this procedure are numerous: besides the fact that it is a long-term solution to get a more appealing appearance, it will also help women feel better in their own skin. Their clothes will fit significantly better and the self-esteem of patients will be improved as well. However, breast augmentation surgery comes with disadvantages that should be carefully considered before deciding to undergo such a procedure.


Women under the age of 21 should not go through breast augmentation surgery because their breasts are not fully developed. The implants will require proper monitoring and they will have to be replaced after a certain period. The recovery period might be challenging, because many side effects are likely to occur: bruises, pain, swelling, scars, uneven breasts and asymmetrical nipples are only some of the consequences of breast augmentation surgery. The worse is that breast implants might leak, causing infections and inconveniences to patients. Perhaps additional surgeries might be required, while the costs of the procedure should not be ignored either.

Breast augmentation surgery is a great option for women who want to restore the size and shape of breast after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. The hormone fluctuations and weight changes will affect the appearance of bosom, making breasts appear smaller, sagging and less appealing. But women will restore their self-esteem together with the beautiful appearance of bigger breasts if they opt for silicone gel implants or saline implants.

Regardless of what breast enhancement option you choose, whether it is a natural method or breast augmentation surgery, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages. Do not neglect your overall health and put safety first because, even though your appearance matters, your wellbeing is a lot more important.


Breast augmentation