Accelerate metabolism with exercise

Based on numerous nutritionists and body-builders, accelerating the metabolism with exercise is the holy grail of weight watchers. The metabolic rate and the rate how fast the body burns the calories can be influenced by numerous different factors, from diet, habits and age to genes, lifestyle and many others. As we get older, and especially after the age of 40s, our metabolism slows down and weight problems will start being noticed. But regardless of your genes, age and gender, you can accelerate metabolism with exercise. You do not need special equipment and the good news is that these exercises are meant to keep you both in shape and healthy.

Speed up the metabolic rate

If you are a morning person, there is not a better way to start the day than revving up your body’s engine with a run. Take your running equipment, lace up your running shoes, put on your favorite jams and get ready for several minutes of jogging. You will succeed to speed up your metabolism even from the first moments of the day and you will certainly burn more calories throughout the day.

Considering that the metabolism is the sum total of energy that your body expands each day, you can burn more calories when you are more active physically. The more active you are, the higher your metabolic rate. Another fact you should consider is that lean muscle mass expands more energy, so try and build some muscles with special exercises to make sure that you accelerate your metabolism.

There is not any particular rule about when or how you should perform your exercises. Pick any time of day and you will still manage to speed up your metabolism. Although a morning workout can assist you to burn more calories early on, this boost will gradually fade. But regular workouts will enhance your endurance and you will maximize lean body mass, speeding up the metabolism and helping you to burn more calories all day long.

If running is not your thing, you can stay at home and perform these exercises. Plank, walk then tuck and reach. Stand with your arms raised overhead and holding your feet together. Hinge at hips and stretch your hands to the floor, while maintaining your legs as straight as you can. Step back until you reach a plank position, hold on for a few seconds then jump feet toward your hands, landing in a tucked position. Jump back to the plank position and repeat, then walk hands toward feet and restore to standing up. Repeat this workout at hard intensity for at least 30 seconds. But this is just one set of exercise. You should rest for one minute then repeat this workout for several times.

Another efficient workout is X switch jumps, which involves standing up with the feet together, jumping and landing in a diagonal lunge, but without letting the knee of the forward foot jut out past the ankle. Jump once more and land with the foot that was forward back. Jump again replacing one foot with another and repeat at breathless intensity for 30 seconds if you wish to achieve the best results. You will succeed to accelerate your metabolism if you repeat a few sets with breaks of one minute between.

You can strengthen your muscles very fast if you perform this exercise: stay in plank position holding your wrists in the same line with your shoulders then bend your knees and bring them under your hips, maintaining the heels lifted. Do not touch the ground with your knees and move quickly from side to side, front to back and keep repeating for 30 seconds at breathless intensity.

You should start with one set of each of these moves. But in time, as you will get better at these exercises, you should push some more and increase up to 5 sets of each move before going on to the next one. You will burn more calories (a few hundreds calories) and you will speed up the metabolic rate in a natural and healthy way. In the same time, mind what you eat and consider that you can speed up the metabolic rate with weight loss supplements. Thyromine can help you to lose weight in a healthy way, especially if your thyroid gland stands in your way to shedding the extra fat.

Remember to be active and have a daily routine of exercises. Eat a balanced nutrition, drink plenty of water and take weight loss pills if you feel that they can help you. However, a healthy lifestyle is the holy grail of weight loss and it will assist you to stay fit and healthy. Maintain your overall health, move more and accelerate metabolism with exercise to get back in shape in a healthy way!


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